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Trust me this is a question i have googled many times, and I’m sure a lot of you have also looked to google for help and advice. The problem is there's so many theories and tips out there, it’s hard to know what will actually work. Some people say if you post regularly the followers will naturally come, but that isn’t necessarily true. You have to work hard and work constantly to grow your account and I’m going to be honest you do have to be very patient with this.

So here are some ways that can help you grow your Instagram following that i have tried and tested for you...

Engage with your audience, Social Media is called ‘Social’ for a reason:

- It’s a must to connect and engage with your followers you already have. The more photos you like and comment on, the more people will come across your account and hopefully follow you.

- Message your followers directly and compliment them on something, i can guarantee they will love it and probably overload your feed with likes and comments.

- Comment back on your followers photos. This will show them that you have noticed them and they are more likely to keep commenting on your posts.

Get reposted on brands accounts and other big inspo accounts:

- Work with brands but on a gifting and repost basis. Try and get them to want to repost your photos. If they do their followers will see this photo and hopefully click on your account and follow you. This is probably one of the main ways to grow your account, i find it really does get you noticed.

- Note down the right hashtags for brands to find your photos and use them on your posts. A couple of examples: #babesofmissguided #topshopstyle

- See what the brands instagram photo style is and see if you can imagine your images on their feed. If not, think about how you can make your images more like the ones they post. For example are they mirror selfies or street style shots.

- Most brands will only repost your photo if the clothing is from their New In section. Bare this in mind when your choosing your outfit to shoot. Note: Sometimes they will only repost if every piece of clothing in the photo is from their brand.

- Tag some inspo accounts that you think will like your photos. Hopefully one of them will repost you.

Connect with other bloggers:

- I don’t just mean commenting on each other’s photos... I mean actually meet up with them, hang out, talk about each others blogging and become genuine friends with them. Working together and taking photos together won’t only be fun but you might learn some tips off one another.

- Organise a giveaway with some of your favourite bloggers. Give away a prize to one or more of your followers. To enter all they have to do is follow you all in the group. It’s really that simple! It’s a great way of new people finding you.

Use other social networks to your advantage:

- Make a youtube channel, grow on there and mention your instagram in your videos. It’s meant to be a lot easier to grow on youtube than Instagram because of all the suggestions that come up, so use this as a source of advertising.

- Use apps like 21buttons and liketoknowit. These are great apps that can help your instagram get exposure.

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Updated: Mar 19, 2018

So recently I’ve received a lot of messages from you guys asking how I’m taking my latest photos. A lot of you have asked me if I’m taking my photos in a very large and very clear mirror... but the answer is no I’m not. They aren’t actually mirror selfies at all!!

The reason why I’ve been taking photos inside more is because frankly I don’t want to get frostbite in this cold winter and I don’t live in London or a suitable place to take photos. To be honest though I’m preferring my photos now to how they were this time last year. I feel like I can get more detail in the shots, take my time, and get the exact photo I want rather than rushing because it’s about to rain. As much as I love street style shots it’s just not practical for where I’m living right now.

I was getting my sister Lou to take photos of me inside but then when she was doing her masters degree (the clever clogs) she didn’t have time to take photos of me, so I had to improvise!

I wouldn’t be able to take these photos without my beloved camera. I use the Olympus Pen-F. It has WiFi so I can connect my phone to it and not only import photos directly but I can control my camera and see what I’m taking from my phone screen. It sounds harder than just getting someone to take the photo but once I got the hang of it I actually prefer it because I can see what I look like in the photo and spend as long as I want on it without anyone getting annoyed and saying hurry upppp!

Sometimes I hold my phone in the photos so I can take it straight from my phone but I recently picked up a £3 iPhone tripod so I’ve been putting my phone in that on a chair in front of me (out of the cameras frame) and clicking self timer. The best thing about this is that I you can focus the camera and change the lighting all from my phone. I do have my camera on a tripod too by the way. This might sound like a lot of tripods and quite precarious but once you’ve done it a few times it’s easy peasy and quite a lot cheaper than hiring a photographer.

I’m loving how editorial my photos are looking at the moment and how crisp they are with the 25mm lens. I’ve put links to my camera, lens, and tripods I use below.

I’d love to know what you all think to my way of taking photos and let me know if you have any other questions!

Lots of love em xo



Camera Tripod

Iphone Tripod

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Whether you have a BF or GF or not... Valentines day is when you can dress up a little cute, flirty and just soooo over the top girly. With red and pink combos having a moment in fashion, it's a perfect time to bring out your romantic and wild side!!

Below you can see all my picks for this years Valentines. From a pink sloth phone case, to a sheer romantic bodysuit, and THE best valentines day card for your bestie. To be honest though i want to wear all of these items all year round, and who says i can’t?! (Currently ordering the Miu Miu cat phone case because its so me it hurtssss and its a cat so it’s a no brainer).

Hope you love everything as much as me!! Leave a comment below telling me what your favourite item is! xoxox

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1. 'All you need is love' jumper.

2. ‘What boyfriend?’ pjs

3. Mesh hearts bra

4. Pink slides

5. Pink faux fur scarf

6. YSL sunglasses

7. Miu Miu phone case

8. Rose hoop earrings

9. Love bracelet

10. ‘call me’ Tee

11. Rose print teddy

12. Sloth phone case

13. Red denim skirt

14. Mesh bodysuit

15. Red and pink jumper

16. 'Gimme your heart' shades

17. Sleeping beauty face mask

18. Red beret

19. ‘Ur amazing k bye’ card

20. ‘Blind for love’ Gucci bag

21. Miu Miu Leather wallet

22. Pink pom pom tassel earrings

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